10 Sexiest Anime Characters

Sexiest anime females

Whether you’re an anime fan or not, you can’t deny the charm of anime females.  Anime females have been blowing the mind of viewers for years with their unrealistic physical features.

So, who are the sexiest anime females?

Obviously, most anime girls look more gorgeous than we could see in any other animation genre. Moreover, we’re sure everyone has their own favorite. However, we thought about it and made a list of the 10 most heartbreakingly gorgeous anime girls of all time for you.

Let’s continue together to see if your favorites are on the list.

One of the sexiest anime females, Yumeko Jabai.

1. Yumeko Jabami, Kakegurui

Transferring to a high school where all the students gamble like crazy, Yumeko can be seen as a pretty and naive young girl at first. However, things get changed as she becomes addicted to gambling. Yumeko definitely deserves to be on this list, with her black hair, high school uniform, and reactions from her pleasure while gambling.

Misa Misa from Death Note

2. Misa Misa, Death Note

Well, you may be surprised that somebody still remembers Misa Misa. However, since Death Note is a hard-forgotten anime, Misa Misa has a special place in the hearts. She has fishnet stockings, blonde hair and gothic dresses. She seems like an ideal girlfriend for many, by being sexy, cute, naive and a good lover.

Sexiest anime teacher Irina Jelavić from Assassination classroom

3. Irina Jelavić, Assassination classroom

The absurdly sexy character of an absurd comedy… She is the English teacher of Assassination Classroom and a professional hitwoman who is hired by the government to assassinate the monster called Korosensei. Regardless of the student, teacher, Korosensei; she tries to use her beauty on everyone. No matter how much effect she has on them, obviously she affects the viewers a lot.

4. Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach

She is a greatly skilled fighter and is the lieutenant under captain Toshiro. But, of course, she is remembered with another aspect: her large bosom, which she keeps on display. She looks rather tough but her physical appearance doesn’t let viewers think about anything else. 

Pretty but deadly…

5. Esdeath, Akame Ga Kill

This woman is such a devil, and no matter how much you hate her, you can’t deny that she’s remarkable. She looks quite attractive with her blue hair, serious face and tattoo on her chest. Especially those who say “I love women in uniforms,” ​​raise your hand. ?

Erina Nakiri

6. Erina Nakiri, Food Wars

She has a unique look with her dark pink (or light purple) eyes and blonde hair which grows up to her waist. We can say that she is the most beautiful female character in Food Wars. In addition to being a little pampered girl, she has power over others because of her talent and looks.

7. Boa Hancock, One Piece

Of course, we should not forget Boa Hancock, the sexiest pirate empress on the planet. Also known as the “Snake Princess”, the pirate empress captivates many with her thin waist and long black hair. We can say that she is one of the sexiest female anime character among anime classics.

Nypmh and Ikaros

8. Ikaros, Heaven’s Lost Property

Ikaros, who is strongly loyal to his master, is a cute and sexy female anime character with pink hair.  She has a generally calm character. She has a sufficient chest that she displays because of her meager outfit. Her green eyes, hair and monstrous bosoms give her a place among our list. 

Catwoman Kuroka from Highschool DXD

9. Kuroka, Highschool DXD

Honestly, things change when it comes to Highschool DXD anime. Almost all of the ladies in the anime can be included in this list without any doubt. However, we decided to put the sexiest female character in Highschool DXD on the list in order to include different animes. So, the name that enters the list is of course Kuroka. In addition to her extremely beautiful appearance, her cat ears and kimono make her even more attractive. Who doesn’t love catwomen?

One of the sexiest anime females, Erza Scarlet

10. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tale

She is a youthful perfect lady who has a thin figure and is enticing in her own right. She has long scarlet hair, and brown eyes. It can be said that she is socially awkward, but she is definitely on the side of justice. She can be considered one of the sexiest mages in the series.

Here is our list of the sexiest female anime characters. This list was made entirely according to our personal opinions. So, were your favorite characters on the list? If you don’t agree with us, don’t forget to write your favorites in the comments! ?

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