1047 Games received 6.5 million dollars of investment

The popular game created by a small team continues to receive investment.
1047 games
1047 Games continues to receive investment with the Splitgate game.

1047 Games raised $6.5 million in a funding round led by Galaxy Interactive.

1407 Games expands its team and content

Other investors investing in the studio were VGames, Lakestar, and 1Up Ventures. The team, which is the developer of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter Splitgate: Arena Warfare, will invest this investment to grow their team and produce more in-game content.

Splitgate was released on Steam in May 2019 and received positive reviews from players. With this fund, marketing activities will also be carried out to bring new players to the game. The studio had previously received a total investment of $10 million, including the investment tour led by Draper Dragon and Draper University Ventures.

Ian Proulx, Co-Founder, and CEO of 1047 Games said: “We are proud to work with the gaming industry’s top investors to elevate Splitgate’s position as a top-tier multiplayer experience. We are in a unique position among shooting games.”

Galaxy Interactive’s Richard Kim said: “Thanks to Splitgate and its fantastic orange mechanics, 1407 Games is raising the FPS genre in new and innovative ways. We are incredibly excited to support this team.”

With this investment, the studio will improve both its game and its team. You can watch the entire video below, which we advise investors who want to enter the gaming industry.

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