Activision announces third-person mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer

The company calls the game’s multiplayer mode the deepest, most innovative multiplayer experience yet.
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Activision has announced a myriad of updates along with a brand new third-person mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The announcement came as a part of Call of Duty: Next, a showcase event dedicated to the franchise.

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The Call of Duty team believes this new feature will bring strategic depth into the fan-favorite game. A comprehensive guide has also been released to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the mode. The third-person features traits such as shoulder swapping, auto camera zoom-in under collision along with collision warning, and first-person readjustment when aiming down sights.

Aquatic combat is also one of the newest features, and players will be able to touch water from now on. Operators will be able to swim, and vehicles will be able to go over puddles of water.

Some new movements have been added, such as mounting a weapon to a fixed space, elevating velocity with tactical sprint, and diving as a variation of sliding. Diving enables cool moves like diving from windows and quickly diving into cover. Players will certainly feel the change of pace with these action star moves.

The game’s lead developer, Infinity Ward, has also mentioned some dynamic destruction features. Players can now destroy sections of a vehicle and shoot out the tires to slow it down.

There are several brand new game modes as well, namely Knockout, Prisoner Rescue, and Invasion. These modes are included with the open beta of the game. Another confirmed mode is Raids, a “three-player cooperative engagement requiring teamwork and strategic, puzzle-solving thinking in-between bouts of intense combat.” This mode will be made available this year, but the details of the exact date are unknown.

The showcase announces many, many more features and updates. The open beta will be live today, on September 16, for the PlayStation platform and will come out on September 22 for Xbox and PC. The full launch will take place on October 28.

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