Admix announces partnership with Somnium Space

Admix and Somnium aim to introduce new ways to monetize the metaverse for creators.
Admix somnium
Admix and Somnium open the door to new ways of making money.

Recently, advertising platform Admix announced that it has partnered with the NFT platform Somnium Space. After the partnership, companies aim to help brands enter the metaverse while offering developers and creators brand new ways to monetize.

Admix Billboard
Admix will bring customers and brands together with virtual billboards.

With the system launched on November 14th, with NFT advertising, Admix has already sold or distributed several NFT billboards. Admix states that they have been working on cooperation with Somnium Space for a long time.

Artur Sychov, CEO of Somnium, and Samuel Huber, CEO of Admix, met at a VR conference in 2017 when both companies were just starting out. Admix was in the process of building its pioneering in-game technology, and Somnium Space was building the infrastructure to create the world’s first permanent and decentralized equity crowdfunded virtual world.

Today, the technologies of the two companies have merged and they have started to prepare a new order. Admix’s technology underpins the monetization layer of the metaverse, and Somnium has consistently sold millions of worth of virtual land and other NFTs in the 5 most active projects. Somnium has also announced plans to build an open metaverse and has received investment from the Winklevoss twins to achieve this goal.

For those who don’t know, Somnium Space is a highly creative environment. Users can buy virtual plots of land, build unique buildings on that land, design avatars, and even sell their creations. There are unique contents such as the NFT art museum, planetarium, bowling alley, weekly parties, and events in this digital world.

Somnium offers a very colorful virtual world.

Somnium content creators can now bring brand ads to their virtual products and get paid for them with Admix technology. Admix will publish a total of 15 billboards in three sizes, small, medium, and extra-large, and distribute them weekly in 3-packs from November 14 to December 18.

Admix states that this is just the beginning. Stating that new ones will be added to the brand pool that Cloud9 is currently in, the company states that it is happy to pioneer this innovative technology.

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