Admix’s In-Play ads technology is coming to Gameloft games!

Admix and Gameloft have signed a new agreement. Under the agreement, Admix’s In-Play ads technology will be used in popular Gameloft games.
Gameloft for Brands will use Admix’s In-Play advertising technology.

Admix, the leading growth technologies company that drives brands to games and the metaverse collaborated with Gameloft. Admix’s In-Play technology will be integrated into Gameloft’s most famous games.

The first game to integrate in-play advertising technologies will be Gangstar Vegas from the Gangstar franchise as part of the deal. Thanks to Admix’s in-game ad technology, the promotions of advertiser brands will be placed in the game without disturbing the player experience.

In-game advertising technology allows advertisements to be placed on areas such as street boards and billboards in the game. Thanks to this technology, advertisers can reach users in-game. On the other hand, these ads do not negatively affect the player experience as they are skillfully placed in the game and appear as in-game details.

Gangstar Vegas is one of the popular games downloaded by over 150 million users. Under the deal, Admix will serve 200 ads for this series. In-game ads, which have already been launched for Android, will soon be available for iOS.

Admix is one of the leading companies in in-game ad technologies

Romain Devichi, Global Advertising Specialist at Gameloft for brands, commented:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Admix to deliver seamless open world experiences, which are enriched by utilizing Admix’s advanced and scalable In-Play tech. Thanks to this partnership, Gangstar Vegas will offer an immersive experience with game players at the same time that offers brands the best in-gaming advertising environment. Admix’s tech stack has proven to deliver what our creative and strategic vision had in mind.”

Stefan Adamczyk, VP Global Partnerships, Admix, added:

“Gameloft is an iconic games publisher, and we’re buzzing that they’ve chosen to feature Admix In-Play ads in some of their greatest titles in their portfolio of chart-topping app store hits with In-Play. Creating and protecting an ideal player experience is vital not just for successful games, but for advertisers too, which is why non-intrusive ad formats are thriving.”

Gameloft for Brands offers leading advertising and gamification solutions to help brands better connect with their audiences. On the other hand, Admix brings players and advertisers together at an ideal point with new generation advertising technologies and solutions. The cooperation of these two companies means a more profitable experience for brands and a smoother experience for gamers.

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