Affyn raises over $7 million in investment

Backed by more than 50 venture capitalists, institutional investors, and partners, Affyn has raised $7 million.
Affyn Investment
More than 50 venture capitalists, institutional investors, and partners are backed by it, signaling high confidence and strong demand for Affyn’s Play-to-Earn Metaverse.

Singapore-based startup Affyn has increased its total investment to over $7 million with two investment rounds. Affyn, a blockchain-powered Metaverse project, developed a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn mobile game with geolocation and augmented reality (AR).

Affyn, a metaverse-based project with geolocation features and AR mechanics, has the fun concept that every in-game character they call “Buddy” is NFT. Briefly, it means that your in-game characters belong to you, not to the game developers. A next-gen idea, this system breathes new life into the traditional game industry, where players spend thousands of hours searching for in-game items and currencies they don’t own.

Affyn’s currency will also be FYN tokens like each game having its currency. It is stated that FYN uses will be versatile. This integrated ecosystem, where players can earn tokens virtually and use them in the real world, creates a closed economy that increases the value of FYN tokens.

Affyn is one of the pioneers of the play-to-earn model, which was created to change the way players derive value from the ecosystem compared to traditional gaming platforms. The team spent over a year developing a sustainable game economy and devising a detailed plan. This means that they will ensure that the rewards remain attractive to existing and new players in the long run.

Leading the fundraising efforts, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Lucaz Lee explains why he started this project as follows:

“Our idea of a Metaverse is a world where people can meet, play and connect not just virtually, but also in real life. By using blockchain technology as a bridge, Affyn aims to drive a global movement where we can play, earn, and have more fun together at the same time.”

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