Anzu announces partnership with mobile priority data company Kochava

With the new partnership, models that are suitable for advertisers’ priorities and accurate will be developed.
Anzu has established a new partnership for their work in “precision targeting.”

Anzu, known for its in-game ad technology, has announced a new partnership. This partnership with Kochava Collective aims to produce advertisements that appeal to wider audiences and respond to industry needs.

Anzu is a company that can provide advertising without disrupting the game experience thanks to its in-game advertising technology. Thanks to this innovative solution in the advertising space, Anzu, which has succeeded in satisfying both users and advertisers, will partner with mobile priority data company Kochava Collective to offer more sensitive and reachable ads.

Kochava Collective is a company that collects and analyzes data primarily on mobile, including PC and consoles. Anzu will use the data obtained from Kochava Collective in accordance with the “privacy-first” principle.

Anzu Head of Operations Tegan Hull made the following statement regarding the partnership:

“We’ve seen a steady increase in brands interested in switching to gaming to reach their target audience. They are intrigued by the gamers, who are more engaged than users on the open web or so-called walled garden platforms, and by Anzu’s ads which are non-intrusive and put players first. As advertisers try to find new ways to get in front of audiences in ways that respect users, gaming is emerging as a top choice. Precision targeting is something that advertisers are used to, and we’re thrilled to partner with Kochava to deliver this to them.”

Anzu had announced its partnership with Livewire shortly before this partnership. Anzu and Livewire’s partnership was targeting Roblox. Looking at Anzu’s recent activities, we can say that they aim to remain a pioneer in the advertising industry.

Regarding the new partnership, Brian Cox, Managing Director of Kochava Collective, said:

“In-game advertising is an exciting space to be in now and in the future. We are thrilled to work with them to watch it flourish.”

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