The first Arabic Games Conference is starting in July

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There are many events and conferences about the games industry but there’s almost none for Arab players and developers. Arabic Games Conference (AGC) is here to change that next month! The digital event is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed in the Arab world by Arab creators. It aims to help the MENA region by facilitating access to professional advice, publishing opportunities, jobs, and more.

Arabic Games Conference will be held between 17-18 July

AGC will be a two days event. It will start on the 17th of July and end on the following day. Right now, there are eight confirmed speakers including Fawzi Mesmar who worked at King for about 4 years, and now he’s EA DICE’s head of design. Furthermore, there will be more than 16 Arabic talks and panels planned with experts from Epic Games, Ubisoft, and more. In the job fair, over 10 game studios participated. Arabic Games Conference wants to facilitate the process of finding work opportunities for talents from the region. If you are looking for a developers from the region to join your team, you can apply here. Below you can find all the confirmed speakers so far.

Arabic Games Conference

Furthermore, the developers who submitted their games might get the chance to get highlighted on AGC’s website. If all of this caught your eye, you can get your virtual ticket for free by visiting Arabic.Games. Arabic Games Conference is targeting professionals, aspiring game-makers and students, developers, and publishers.

Who is behind it?

By the time of writing, seven confirmed communities from different countries such as Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia are participating. The team behind organizing the digital conference are members of Tunisian Game Developers Association and Lebanese Game Developers. This is something new for MENA and we are excited to hear more great things about the region.

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