Asynchronous PvP horror game Last Year is out for free

Undaunted Games acquires project from defunct developer Elastic Games, gives it back to the community as a free title.
high school girl from horror game last year is being attacked by a giant spider.

Newborn indie games studio Undaunted Games announced the resurrection of Last Year – the asynchronous survival horror game that previously vanished from the market, after amassing a passionate player base and hundreds of thousands of downloads since it first launched as a Discord exclusive in 2018.

Originally developed by now-defunct Elastic Games, Last Year is once again available through Steam in its original form. The title is entirely playable free of charge, with only cosmetic items available to purchase in-game.

Undaunted Games Studio Head and Producer Matthew Itovitch said: “We’ve always believed in the potential of this title. When we did the marketing for the game at PAX East and West in 2018, we saw the players’ reactions and what this game could be. Last Year definitely deserves another shot at realizing that, and bringing back the game is the first step.”

Set in a gruesome alternate realityLast Year is a collaborative, asynchronous PvP horror game pitting five high-school classmates against a sixth player controlling a nightmarish beast. Players either attempt to escape as one of the high school students or take on the role of one of the Fiends – a variety of player-controlled monsters, each with unique attacks, combat styles, and blood-chilling abilities that can tear the classmates into pieces.

Last Year was originally released by Elastic Games as a Discord exclusive in 2018 before later being released on Steam. However, the game has been unavailable to play since Elastic Games closed its doors in October 2021.

Last Year is available for free on Steam from today.

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