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Why and how do deceptive game ads work?

We have all seen them, and they are in the open. Even the companies that utilize them refer to them as “fake” or “deceptive.” But why do we fall for them? How do they work, and more importantly, how do they affect the game industry at large? logo
Read More acquires $22.5 million series A funding secures $22.5M Series A funding led by Singular. The company aims for a fair, transparent TV advertising landscape for small and medium-sized businesses in the US.
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NBL Games to enter the US game market after acquiring investment

After completing its seed investment round, NBL Games is gearing up to enter the US market. The company, which focuses on AI-powered multiplayer social trivia and word games, has seen its first game, "Quiz Crush," rise to prominence in the Turkish gaming market.
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The Collective Ace Group acquires By Aliens

The Collective Ace Group has expanded its presence in the game industry by acquiring By Aliens, a mobile game developer and publisher headquartered in Berlin.