Azur Games reaches 3 billion installs across all its games

Reaching 2 billion downloads less than a year ago, Azur Games’ titles in total passed 3 billion downloads.
Azur Games 3 billion downloads banner
Azur Games reached a new miletsone in less than a year.

The international mobile game developer and publisher Azur Games reached a new milestone, having over 3 billion downloads across all their games. The mobile games giant reached 2 billion downloads less than a year ago, and the co-founder of Azur Games, Dmitry Yaminsky says the future is even brighter thanks to their unique strategies.

Yaminsky says Azur Games was one of the very first publishers that didn’t look for a ready-to-release hit but decided to help developers by giving them actionable feedback, sharing analytics tools, and even bringing in Azur’s own specialists to improve devs’ prototypes. This method brought abandoned games back from the graveyard while earning both the publisher and developers a decent amount of money.

Azur Games shared its insights and how they approach the hyper-casual genre as a whole with Mobidictum before. You can read or watch the whole interview here.

The publisher’s approach saved a high number of games in the past and continues to do so. Chain Cube, a game that was brought back after high CPI and low rating became a major hit, bringing in $500k monthly. Another example is Sword Play in which Azur Games’ detailed approach made the game the number one game in the US for five days across both App Store and Google Play.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Azur Games work with developers and what methods they use to trend in the hyper-casual genre, watch our interview with Sergey Martinkevich, Azur Games’ senior business development manager and publishing lead.

Azur Games’ top three games for most downloads are listed below:

  • Stack Ball – 420 million installs
  • Worms Zone – 369 million installs
  • Bottle Jump – 125 million installs

In 2021, Cookie Carver was Azur’s most downloaded game with 54 million installs.

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