Bidstack Group launches a new ad format for mobile games

Bidstack has developed an innovative “in-menu” ad format. The new technology opens up a new income door for game developers.
Bidstack is ready to offer its in-menu ad format to its customers.

Ads that fit seamlessly into the game’s user interface can be purchased programmatically. The Bidstack Group says its technology creates a highly viewable and interactive touchpoint for brands looking to connect with their gaming audience.

The developer company takes care not to disrupt the in-game experience with the advertising service it offers. In-menu ads are placed among other in-menu items and fulfill their task as clickable if the player is interested.

For game developers, new in-menu ads mean new partnerships that can work with Bidstack. At the same time, a new revenue stream is provided to game developers. Bidstack offers its partners the opportunity to monitor advertising efficiency by analyzing and reporting impressions, clicks, and revenue generation statistics via AdConsole.

in menu ads
Bidstack takes care not to disrupt the gaming experience while providing advertising solutions.

Motionlab Interactive and many other publishing companies in the Bidstack portfolio have already registered and integrated the in-menu advertising service. As we enter the new year, brands continue to increase their revenues and returns, while technology is expected to give its first results.

Alan l’Anson, Head of Applications at Motionlab Interactive, said:

“I am really happy to be adding in-menu ads to complement the in-play ads already provided by Bidstack in our game. The gaming experience is respected with these alternative monetisation solutions and they help to support user retention. The integration process for the in-menu solution was smooth and simple and customer service continues to be exceptional from the Bidstack team.” 

Alan Ngai, Vice President of Product at Bidstack, said of the new format:

“I’m extremely excited about the launch of the in-menu ad format which the team have been able to develop and launch in line with our product roadmap. The format is highly scalable for both game developers and media buyers, fulfilling the needs of game developers looking to diversify their incremental income and media buyers that are striving to reach gaming audiences through manageable and recognisable ad platforms. There’s plenty more to come from our in-menu format and we look forward to bringing more elegant and cutting edge tech solutions to market for our clients.”

The developer company and its customers have high expectations for the new ad SDK. The in-menu advertising technology, which is said to be complementary, is expected to expand the reach of the company while improving the portfolio of the company. On the other hand, in-menu ads are promising for publisher companies with the potential to increase their advertising revenues.

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