Bleach: Brave Souls passes 75 million downloads

A 75 Million Downloads Celebration Campaign is being held from Wednesday, May 31 to celebrate this milestone.

Japan-based mobile game company KLab Inc. announced that Bleach: Brave Souls has reached a total of 75 million downloads worldwide. Downloads include mobile, PC, and PlayStation 4, which the game is available for.

In celebration of Brave Souls reaching 75 million downloads worldwide, a 75 Million Downloads Celebration Campaign is being held from May 31 to June 16. To participate in the event, players can log in during the event period to receive a Battle Ready 6 Star Summons Ticket.

The Battle Ready 6 Star Summons Ticket can be used to receive one level 200 6-star character with a fully-powered up 150% Soul Tree.

In addition, the following campaigns will be held as part of the 75 Million Downloads Celebration Campaign from Wednesday, May 31.

  • Power-Up Festival
  • 75 Million Downloads Celebration Login Bonuses
  • 75 Million Downloads Celebration Orders
  • Rukia’s Special Training: Extra
  • 75 Million Downloads Power-Up Set
  • 75 Million Downloads Pack (3 Types)

Bleach: Brave Souls is a free-to-play beat ’em-up video game set in the Bleach universe. It was released for Android and iOS in Japan in July 2015 and worldwide in January 2016. It was released for Windows in August 2020 and for PlayStation 4 in March 2022.

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