Bungie wins $12m lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat-seller

A huge win for gaming companies against cheaters.

Destiny developer Bungie won the lawsuit filed against the Romanian cheat-seller Mihai Claudiu-Florentin who sold Destiny 2 cheats known as VeteranCheats.

According to TheGamePost’s article, Bungie filed the lawsuit in 2021, requesting $12 million in damage against the cheat seller. Bungie claimed that VeteranCheats harmed the game by allowing players to use aim and wall hacks. The court found Mihai Claudiu-Florentin guilty decided in favor of Bungie.

Conclusion in the court document says:

“The Court finds that default judgment is appropriately entered in Bungie’s favor as to all but the CPA claim. The Court finds that damages shall be entered in the amount of: (1) $11,696,000 for violations of the DMCA; (2) $146,662.28 for violations of the Copyright Act; and (3) $217,250.70 in attorneys’ fees and in costs. The total award shall be entered in the amount of $12,059,912.98.”

Previously Riot Games won a $10 million lawsuit against the makers of a cheating and hacking service LeagueSharp and Blizzard won $8.5 million lawsuit against bot makers Honorbuddy in 2017.

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