CM Games’ Nitro Nation to feature NFTs in a team-up with Mythical Games

The two companies will work on a new iteration in the series named Nitro Nation World Tour.
A sports car in front of a concert stage and under the Nitro Nation World Tour logo

CM Games, the company behind the Nitro Nation mobile games, has announced a partnership with Mythical Games to make a new game in the series. The new title will be called Nitro Nation World Tour and will feature NFTs.

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Nitro Nation World Tour will be a Web3 AAA free-to-play mobile racing game that the Mythos blockchain will drive. The players will be able to gain true ownership of cars and workshops. The title’s official website states that huge names in the car industry, such as Mazda, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Pagani, Shelby, Lotus, and KTM, are already a part of the game, with more to be added soon.

The company shared that in-game workshops will be used to improve cars’ performance, upgrade, repair, maintain, customize, “rent,” and loan out vehicles in the game. Players will be able to select between four different game modes: Campaign, Challenges, PvP, and Tournaments. A reveal trailer was also shared on the Nitro Nation World Tour’s official Twitter page.

The game will also feature Social Clubs that are similar to guilds and clans in other games, allowing players to team up. An NFT workshop pre-sale will take place in Q4 2022, along with an NFT car sale in early 2023. The companies indicate that getting an NFT workshop will allow players into closed beta and exclusive rewards.

Mythical Games has had an active year in 2022. In May, the company partnered with The National Football League (NFL) to create a blockchain football game called NFL Rivals. Last month, Mythical Games announced its Web3 title Blankos Block Party leaving early access on Epic Games Store. It also carries the title of being the first Web3 game on Epic Games Store.

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