Coherence raises $8 million from funding round led by Griffin Gaming Partners

Coherence will use the $8 million investment to improve multiplayer network technology and simplify game development.
Coherence provides many conveniences to multiplayer game developers.

Coherence announced that it had raised $8 million from its investment round led by Griffin Gaming Partners. The company wants to expand its team and develop its original multiplayer technology with the investment.

Coherence’s multiplayer technology is a tool that makes it easy for game developers to develop real-time, multiplayer games. The company was founded in 2018 by former Playhead CEO Dino Patti. Since its inception, it has developed technologies to facilitate online game development.

Dino Patti said the following on the subject:

“Real-time multiplayer experiences still have significant untapped potential. There are so many hurdles when it comes to making multiplayer games that can effectively shut down the creative process early on in a game’s development.

With Coherence, we want to break those barriers, and this latest round of funding is going to help us fulfill that mission. It’s been a very exciting journey until now, and I can’t wait for more talent to join our already amazing team.”

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