Color Metaverse and Banger Games team up to develop metaverse titles

In an effort to define a new business model, the two companies have reportedly agreed to share their networks and platforms.
Banger Games and Color Star logos over a white background

Entertainment tech firm Color Star has announced that its subsidiary, Color Metaverse, has entered a collaboration with Banger Games to work on metaverse game development, digital copyrights, and related technologies. The partnership will see the duo developing Web3 games and creating a technological collaboration.

The two companies have reportedly agreed on sharing their network and platforms to define a new business model. Color Metaverse and Banger Games are set to combine gamification, cryptocurrency, NFT blockchain technology, and other tools to rise through the ranks in the Web3 space.

Color Star CEO Farhan Qadir commented on the recent partnership:

“Color World has a rich variety of content and uses new technology to make it a fresh new metaverse platform. The most important thing here is to continuously develop new content, and the gaming segment must also become a point of focus. Its continuous improvement and update will bring us hundreds of millions of young users around the world, and we hope that users can not only enjoy a new experience but also freely trade and do business.”

“The cooperation between Color Star and Banger is to make this dream a reality. As the world’s first game center to provide monetization tools, Banger has an incredible advantage, especially in terms of cyber security, and can provide users with robust protection of their data. I believe that the cooperation between our two companies will not only bring more benefits and surprises to our game segment but will also increase the amount of users for both companies, bringing more benefits to users.”

Color Metaverse defines its platform, Color World, as an attempt to unify Web2 and Web3 spaces, allowing users to experience true ownership, income, and self-expression. The social platform focuses on AI and games, along with celebrity experiences in the entertainment industry.

Banger Games’ platform allows gamers to play and earn and provides trading, challenges, and in-game achievements. The platform also supports a cloud gaming and anti-cheat system. Banger is partnered with massive names in tech, including IBM, Microsoft, Polygon, and Horizon Labs.

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