How to incorporate leather into your cosplay?

What kind of leather can be used in a cosplay?
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Leather, which is a part of our daily life, is among the frequently preferred materials in the field of cosplay. You can use leather in many areas, from making armor, corsets, and shoes to decorating your weapons.

Which leather product to choose from?

When buying leather for the costume, knowing what kind of leather you want and its features will be helpful. Because the procedures you can apply vary according to the type of leather.

Cosplay yapımı deri
Deri ile zırh ve ayakkabı gibi kıyafetler yapabilirsiniz.
  • Genuine leather: Soft, flexible, rigid, or durable, it is very precious. It is colored and colorless and shaped with professional leather tools or leather dye. They are expensive; you pay per piece or by weight when purchasing.
  • Suede Leather: It has a suede texture. If you want to dye it for cosplay, it is more troublesome than regular leather.
  • Artificial Leather: It has a similar appearance to natural leather and is water resistant. It can be easily found in fabric shops and shoe stores. It is not as thick as genuine leather. It is sold in different colors and textures.
  • Vinyl: It is a lycra fabric with a leather-like appearance. A unique mixture of plastic materials and dyes is applied to cotton fabrics. Foreign cosplayers; use this fabric to give a realistic look to their armor using contact adhesive.

There is no such thing as lining leather, but it is a term you will often hear when you go to shoe stores. This type of leather is thin leather that is sewn into the shoe. Because it is cheap, it is highly preferred in costume making. You can find the meter between 6-10 TL. There is a greater variety of colors and textures, but it can be difficult to embroider on the sewing machine as it is slightly thicker than clothing leather.

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