“DC Battle Arena” launched in partnership with Electronic Soul BBQ Studio and DC

DC Battle Arena has been released.
DC Battle Arena
DC Battle Arena

According to the press release by PRNewswire, the mobile game called DC Battle Arena is DC’s original authorized superhero fighting mobile game and has been released as of yesterday. DC Battle Arena was developed by DC partnership with Electronic Soul BBQ Studio.

The developer of DC Battle Arena is Barbarq, which is also the developer of BarbarQ. “Barbarian War” is a new and unique, casual and interesting game that attracted many young users, but in the first month of its release, the number of daily active users exceeded one million. In addition, the number of registered users worldwide has already exceeded 100 million.

In DC Battle Arena, players can play to battle Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other DC’s familiar superheroes. Each character in the game has unique skills. At the same time, some DC fans have discovered that the game developers have ingeniously placed a large number of “easter eggs” on the game map.

It is seen that some innovations have been made in the gameplay of the game. The game has multiplayer combat modes, many modes such as 1v1, 2v2v2, 3v3v3, and some map elements such as survival and resource spawns are added to increase the gameplay and make the game more interesting.

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