Discord announces a new feature named Forum Channels

These dedicated spaces will be used to organize servers and discuss various topics.
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Discord has announced the addition of another feature to its platform called Forum Channels. This feature will allow users to see discussions in an organized manner, along with chat history.

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Reportedly, these channels will make it easier to engage in discussions and prevent any collision with other conversations. The model resembles the old forum websites with a modern twist.

Users will be able to see a list of posts when they explore a Forum Channel. They can find a relevant post to talk about and jump right in or create their own post to spark a new conversation.

Forum Channels have specific rules and guidelines, though. Discord states that these channels are for focused discussions and shouldn’t be used for regular chatting. Every channel will have regulations determined by the moderators and admins to ensure users are within the subject range.

Discord promoted the brand new feature on its official website with these sentences:

“When your community’s really going off on something, it can be hard to slip a word in edgewise. How do you barge into #food proclaiming ranch as the best pizza dip when everyone else is five thousand posts into a debate over normal vs. tiny tomatoes? What do you do—wait for the heat to die down? Summon all your pizza fanatics and stage a daring takeover? Or just let this critical discussion go unstaged? Soon you won’t have to choose. We’re excited to begin rolling out an option that can help your community server hold organized, meaningful conversations without drowning each other out: Forum Channels.”

There’s no limit to the amount of Forum Channels. Community server owners can create one for any subject they see discussed enough within the server. The new feature is out now and is ready to use for all Discord users.

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