Endgame in gaming: Community and ownership – MBC 2022

Troy Guild Founder Mert Deveci talked about how Web3 affects the industry in his session.
Troy Guild Kurucusu Mert Deveci konuşmacı görseli

Troy Guild Founder Mert Deveci attended the Mobidictum Business Conference and talked about how Web3 can affect the industry globally and regionally and what it can add.

Deveci started his speech by explaining Troy’s role in the industry. He said they are a group that has been playing Web3 and Web2 games for a long time, and they continue to grow daily.

Stating that the game market has reached $200 billion globally with IPs, Deveci touched on the industry’s current situation and shared some data. Afterward, he talked about the perspectives of developers and publishers toward players.

About tokenomics, Deveci explained how people earn money by playing games, how this system works, and the logic behind it. He also stated that there is no way an infrastructure on the blockchain can restrict you, and you have many options.

“If any infrastructure restricts you, you can go to the Open Sea. If the Open Sea restricts you, you can go to the Magic Eden. If not, you can just deal with and have a handshake with some other friend or some other person that you meet.”

Making some comments on how communities work, Deveci said that such guilds attract significant attention in emerging markets. He also explained that they had one-on-one communication with the members and familiarized them with this industry.

You can reach Mert Deveci’s complete speech at the Mobidictum Business Conference and much more by subscribing to the Mobidictum YouTube channel.

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