Be anonymous while searching for a job

Mobidictum Career in Games gives a chance to be fully anonymous on the event platform for job seekers. Turkish companies and fast-growing global companies will showcase their job offers. The event welcomes all job seekers who want to step into a new career adventure.

How to be anonymous at Mobidictum Career in Games?

The event platform is set up on making job seekers anonymous, and make sure they are not visible to others. Job seekers can watch the sessions, take a look at job offers in Virtual Expo and apply to them. During the whole process, they will not visible to others.

How can job seekers be visible to others?

  • Typing something in the Chat and Q&A section during the sessions and panels
  • Typing on Event Chat and the chat section of virtual stands
  • Creating a personal booth
  • Posting something on Activity Stream

Job seekers who don’t do the things above, will not be visible to others, even if they apply to job offers. They will only be visible to the person at the company who is responsible for the hiring process. It’s the same for the meetings on the event platform. However, if you allow it, the details of the session you follow may be shared with the sponsors.

Job seekers and employers can send meeting requests to any attendee during the event. In this case, if a job seeker sends the meeting request, he/she will be visible to only the person that he/she sends the request to. However, the meeting will remain anonymous.

What awaits the job seekers?

Mobidictum Career in Games will bring job seekers and employers together on November 11, 2021, from 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT +3). There are many new things for job seekers. One of these things is being fully anonymous, which is also the most important. Besides, the leading companies will attend the event with their HR departments.

You can visit the booths of the companies in Virtual Expo to find your next career adventure or you can chat with them. Also, you can promote yourself and showcase your portfolio in Personal Booth section.

Recommended to-do list:

  • Watch the sessions and panels
  • Visit the virtual stands of the leading companies and engage with them
  • Promote yourself and portfolio with Personal Booth
  • Set up meetings with HR departments of the companies
  • and more!

Mobidictum Career in Games waits for you on November 11! Join us and get your free ticket now!

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