You can find the measures we have taken against COVID-19 and our action plans in possible suspicious situations with a piece of brief information below.

  1. In line with the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ statement dated September 6, 2021, for people who are not vaccinated; A PCR test with negative results has been made mandatory for the participation of citizens in activities such as concerts, cinemas, and theaters. At the event entrance, people will be asked for their vaccination certificates and/or negative PCR tests performed in the last 48 hours by sharing the HES code.
  2. HES code query and temperature measurement are made at the location entrances, and people with high fever are not taken to the locations.
  3. The Kolektif House team has taken all precautions regarding any emergency that may occur, and our teams have been informed in detail about the actions that should be taken.
  4. Disinfection is carried out with ULV devices every week. The location is routinely cleaned and ventilated at regular intervals to ensure they comply with the hygiene standard.
  5. The common area and the meeting room are thoroughly disinfected once a week.
  6. It is forbidden to enter the location and walk around without wearing a mask. Announcements are made hourly to remind all participants.
  7. Disinfectant stations are placed on every floor. There are also signs showing social distancing.
  8. There are informative posters on the walls with important rules and procedures to enter the location.
  9. The number of visitors at the location is limited. Mobidictum is not responsible for those who cannot enter the event area without a ticket.
  10. Highly touched surfaces are disinfected every 30 minutes;
    1. Elevator buttons
    2. Common area table, coffee tables and chairs
    3. Kitchen cabinet doors and drawer handles
    4. Entry and Exit door handles
    5. Entry and Exit card reading areas
    6. Printer key and card reading points
  11. Guest cards, board markers and erasers in common areas and meeting rooms are regularly disinfected.
  12. All staff (cleaning, catering, courier included) are provided use masks and gloves. Gloves and mask changes are made frequently.
  13. Paper cups are used instead of standard glass cups and mugs.
  14. Mask usage in the common area is checked by an officer assigned at the location and necessary warnings are given to those who do not use masks.

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