Display your games to publishers and investors via Indie Zone

Mobidictum Business Network allows indie developers to display their games which are already published or still under development for free. Indie developers can show their games to the leading publishers and investors who attend the event.

What is the Indie Zone?

Indie Zone is a virtual expo created for indie developers. A limited number of indie developers will have a chance to display trailers, files, websites and other features of their games during the whole event for free. Also, they will be able to arrange calls with other attendees.

Besides these, every booth has its own chat. Indie developers can chat with others who visit their booth and answer their questions. Mobidictum Business Network will run for two days, on May 8-9, and the “Indie Developers” tickets are limited. Therefore, you can apply to the Indie Zone as soon as possible via the application form.

Leading publishers and investors will attend the event

Another reason that makes the event important for indie developers is the firms that attend the event. Leading companies in the gaming industry have already taken their places. Displaying the games to those firms is a really good chance for indie developers to get noticed. Check out the event page to see the attendee companies.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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