How to find investors at Mobidictum Business Network

Why is investment necessary?

When you develop a game, managing all of the processes from production to player acquisition might become a very pricy situation to afford on your own. Therefore, finding investment both speeds up this process and enables developing game companies and indie developers to make better quality games. We, as “Mobidictum Business Network”, prepared a system that helps game developers find investors. 

How can you find investments at Mobidictum Business Network?

“Mobidictum Business Network” is an online networking event which takes place on May 8-9. In this event, more than 20 speakers will be presenting valuable information about many subjects from growth to revenue models for 2 days. Throughout the event, developers, investors and service providers will be able to send each other meeting requests so that it will be possible for them to take the first steps to start new collaborations.

Event features explained step by step

  • Right after joining the event, you will be able to see the individual investors and funds.
  • You can get in touch by sending messages to the investors who are looking for games.
  • To get investors’ attention, you can add your portfolio into your profile.
  • During the event, you can set up meetings with the investors that accept your meeting request.

In addition to these meetings, “Mobidictum Business Network” also has an indie area that allows indie game developers to show their games to all event attendees. You can get the chance to take part in the Indie Expo by filling out the “Indie Submission Form” on the event page via the given link above.

Which ticket should you buy?

We recommend you to buy the Premium ticket in order to set up meetings without any limitations.

  • You don’t have to pay any fees to be able to attend all of the “Mobidictum Business Network” sessions.
  • The ticket that allows you to get in touch with the investors is the Premium ticket.

What does the Premium ticket offer you?

  • Participation in all of the sessions
  • Participation in the expo zone
  • Unlimited meetings 
  • Messaging in the “Networking” chat area
  • A personal booth on your profile where you can show extra content about yourself


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