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Ahmet Burçin Gürbüz

Founder/ CEO at Atlas Space
  • Company Atlas Space
  • Experience Ahmet Burçin Gürbüz is an architect, technology entrepreneur, and investor. Gürbüz has spearheaded pioneering projects in the field of VR/AR and next-generation 3D technologies under the umbrella of GarageATLAS, which he founded in 2015. With his interdisciplinary approach and international experience in the areas, he continues to develop products and projects in the field of VR/AR, Web 3.0, virtual worlds and 3D experiential technologies. He also provides education and consultancy services. Gürbüz has successfully completed the first investment round of Atlas Space—an award-winning 3D immersive communication and experience infrastructure for enterprises. Atlas Space has been honored with the "2023 American Metaverse Awards" for Best XR/AR/VR Company. Gürbüz also has received the "Europe 40 under 40" award from the European Center, acknowledging him as one of the 40 most successful architects and entrepreneurs, in 2003.
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