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Hayden Killinger

Senior Developer Relations at Audiomob
  • Company Audiomob
  • Experience Working in Gaming Partnerships as a Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Audiomob, I guide clients through the integration process enabling them to optimise their in-game audio monetization strategy. Previously, I worked across various game studios, spearheading several projects as a Senior Game Developer and Lead Audio Programmer. As a true audiophile, I harnessed my extensive experience and knowledge of audio design to deliver best-in-class sound delivery engines and frameworks. I’m looking forward to sharing my insights on topics including: - Audio in the Gaming space - New monetization spectrum with Audio Ads and why you should be planning ahead? - How to deal with Ad Fraud? - Building a DevRel team whilst scaling Outside of the world of audio, I’m a huge advocate of fitness, health, and wellbeing. I also enjoy watching sports and I’m always eager to travel and explore new locales
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