The mobile game industry meets: Mobidictum Business Network #2 is coming!

“Mobidictum Business Network #2” brings the mobile game industry together on September 1-2-3. The Turkish gaming scene has been rapidly expanding, and Mobidictum is providing a common ground where the world can meet the Turkish studios in their journey of global expansion.

Mobidictum Business Network #2 in a nutshell

  • 3 days online event
  • 10+ hours of expert talks
  • Publishers & investors to boost your funding
  • Service providers to scale up your game
  • Virtual expo to check out new companies
  • Indie showcase expo to find hidden talent and much more!

Networking and new opportunities

“Mobidictum Business Network”, where world-famous brands in the mobile game industry will participate to network and find new opportunities. Get a premium ticket for unlimited business meetings and stand out from the crowd. For anyone who only wants to listen to the speakers, the event is free of charge.

To register for the event, click the button below and get your ticket!

Results from the first event

  • More than 1027 people participated in Mobidictum Business Network,
  • Participants were from 52 countries,
  • There 32 sessions in two days as an online event,
  • Mobidictum Business Network hosted 33 speakers from leading companies in the mobile gaming industry,
  • Participants organized 220 meetings with each other,
  • Personal Booths were viewed more than 2744 times in total,
  • 115 questions from participants were answered by the speakers during the sessions.

Service providers, game companies, and investments will take place in Mobidictum Business Network 2, the new event of the series.

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