Facebook Gaming announces it will focus on mobile games

Facebook Gaming has announced that it will grow its cloud platform with a “mobile-first” approach. As part of its new policy, Facebook partners with leading mobile game publishers.
Facebook gaming mobile games
Facebook Gaming expands its mobile game library.

Facebook aims to rapidly expand its library of free mobile games on its cloud-based platform. The project started in October 2020 with only 6 native mobile games. As of now, the Facebook library, which doubled the numbers a few months ago, has reached more than 45 games.

Gio Hunt, Facebook’s Vice President of gaming industry and operations, said the following about the vision update:

“Our focus is on delivering social games that are free-to-play, and accessible for people to play anywhere on any device. Cloud-streaming removes certain technical limitations, allowing even more people to play games in whichever format they prefer. We believe in the long term future of cloud gaming, and the continued expansion of our platform depends on building out our cloud games catalogue with quality titles across every genre.”

Facebook’s mobile game library expands

Jam City will bring three popular names among mobile games such as Family Guy Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Disney Emoji Blitz to Facebook Gaming as cloud games.

My.Games will make its cloud gaming debut with Rush Royale and will release three more mobile games on Facebook during Q4 2021, including Hustle Castle, Left to Survive and Mushroom Wars.

Additionally, Gameloft will launch War Planet Online, its eighth game since the platform’s launch.

Gameloft, My.Games ve Jam City
Gameloft, My.Games and Jam City offer a variety of games to the platform.

Vanessa Rouhani, senior vice president of publishing and product marketing at Jam City, said about the collaboration with Facebook:

“As a company that focuses on entertainment first, it’s important for Jam City to make our games available to anyone who wants to play. We love that Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform makes games so accessible. This partnership will make it even easier to play our games through Facebook – where people are already interacting with friends and family – without downloading apps individually.”

Last year, Facebook Gaming launched the “Black Gaming Creator Programme” to support black creators on its platform. The firm announced the second round of the program in August 2021 as part of its $200 million commitment to support black-owned businesses. In addition, recently, the company accelerated its metaverse creation and initiated a recruitment process of 10 thousand people on the subject.

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