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Tiplay studio’s Co-Founder and CEO Umut Ermeç and Batuhan Avucan conduct a candid interview about the company, the industry, and the city.

In this episode of the Founder Stories, Batuhan Avucan interviews Umut Ermeç, Co-Founder and CEO of tiplay studio. Ermeç starts the conversation by saying that he started his career as a sound engineer. Then he summarizes how he established the company. Ermeç moved to the United States, practiced his profession for a while then worked as a teacher. He started a New York business and then returned to Türkiye in 2018. Ermeç then meets the other co-founders of the company, and they decide to take action.

Avucan asks where the company name “tiplay” comes from. Umut Ermeç explains that the name comes from the metal titanium because of its lightness and strength. Avucan then reminds Ermeç of one of their previous communications. According to Avucan, Ermeç told him of a vision of making Denizli, the Silicon Valley of Türkiye. Then asks him about his vision and why he has chosen to locate the company in Denizli.

After appreciating the question, Ermeç explains that they predicted that if they were to establish the company in Denizli, they’d become a part of the city, transform and extend its horizon. They also thought that the town was the only common denominator between the company’s co-founders, who have different backgrounds. He also mentions that their first investors were people from the textile industry, which is prominent in Denizli.

They then talk about oFon, and the company’s apprenticeship program for a while. Before finishing the interview, they also chat about the future of hyper-casual and hybrid-casual game industries. This interview in an earnest atmosphere, is approximately 28 minutes long and in Turkish.

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