Funmoth Games rebrands for Web3, Funverse is born

Funverse Games, which specializes in hyper-casual, will now develop metaverses.
Hit and Boom
Hit and Boom is coming soon.

Funmoth Games entered a new branding process by adapting to the developing Web 3.0 ecosystem and was reborn as Funverse Games. The new company wants to “build metaverses” using its team’s expertise in game development.

Funmoth Games was founded in the USA by two Turkish entrepreneurs. The company received its first investment from WePlay Ventures, with a valuation of 10.5 million TL. He then announced the game “Hit and Boom.” The company’s roadmap states that this play-and-earn game will come to mobile platforms as a closed beta in the first quarter of 2023.

Hit and Boom is a game developed with Unreal Engine. We talked to Funmoth’s Co-Founder and COO Tolga Öztürk before, listened to Funmoth’s story, and asked why they preferred Unreal Engine. If you wish, you can watch this very enjoyable conversation.

Tolga Öztürk – Founder Stories

The company’s journey that started in this way turned into Funverse Games over time. Tolga Öztürk is currently working as the CEO of this new company.

Also, recently, Tolga Öztürk announced that they had pivoted Funmoth to Funverse Games. He said “incredible investment news” is also coming soon.

Tolga Öztürk did not neglect to congratulate his teammates Doğukan Yelseli, Ali Akçay, Furkan Bice and Eren Er. Now, with this strong team, Funverse is preparing for brand new blockchain-based games.

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