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Worldwide mobile app growth report by Adjust

The first half of 2023 has been marked by intriguing trends and powerful performances in the mobile app industry, as revealed by Adjust's Mobile App Growth Report. The report presents an overall view of worldwide mobile app growth, divided into market regions and country data for more detailed insights. 
ZBD X 1047 Games
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ZBD adds Splitgate to it’s portfolio

The ZBD-developed project has been created for mainstream gaming audiences to experience Splitgate innovatively, offering high-value tournament prizes that bring a new competitive edge to Splitgate gameplay.
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Riot Games announces Marc Merrill as the new CPO

Marc Merrill, the co-founder of Riot Games, has taken on a new role as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of the company. As the CPO, Merrill will oversee Riot’s vision across the ecosystem, including game titles, game experiences, and research & development.
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The State of Turkish Gaming Ecosystem 2023

Türkiye's gaming landscape has undergone a transformative journey since the early 2000s, evolving from local successes in online gaming to a thriving ecosystem boasting significant achievements and substantial growth.