Case study of hit hyper-casual game: Makeover Run

Yosi Rozengarten, who works as Game Designer at Moonee, told the success story of Makeover Run.
Moonee Yosi Rozengarten
We took a look at the strategies of the Makeover Run game on the way to success.

Yosi Rozengarten, who works as Game Designer at Moonee, talked to Mobidictum about how the hyper-casual game Makeover Run became a major hit. Sharing all the data from the very beginning of the game to the final version, Yosi conveyed what kind of development stages the game has seen and which paths were followed.

Yosi Rozengarten is an experienced name that has developed games independently in addition to companies like oodlz in the past. Yosi, who is continuing his Moonee journey, which he started in July 2020, is already a Game Designer but also has experience in game development.

Case study of Makeover Run

Makeover Run, which has 50 million downloads in the markets, 30% of which is organic, is a game that ranked third in the list of the best free games. In its early versions, the game had three levels, inadequate controls and simple gameplay, with 0.5$ CPI and 10% D1 Retention values.

In the first development phase, some additions were added to the game. The game’s controls have been improved, and D1 values have increased to 20%. On the other hand, the CPI value was regressed to $0.35.

In the next phase, the development team made significant improvements. Better gameplay types and mechanics have been added to the game, increasing the D1 value to 35%. The game now looked better and more attractive to the eye. All that remained was to complete the final touches.

With the finishing touches, the level designs are entirely changed. The level endings have been changed, the character creation screen has been added to the game, and the D1 value has increased to 38%. Yosi also talked about the marketing creatives of the game, touched on some key points at the end of his speech, and answered the audience’s questions.

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