Pulse: Adjust’s new solution for mobile campaign optimization

Mobile marketing analytics firm Adjust has launched Pulse, a user-friendly tracking and notification solution designed to help marketers track critical metrics and optimize mobile campaigns more effectively.
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Mobile marketing analytics company Adjust recently launched its newest solution, Pulse, designed to assist marketers in monitoring essential metrics and making prompt strategic decisions. Pulse is a notification and tracking solution ensuring no critical insights are missed. The platform provides marketers with customizable alerts, enabling them to create tailored notifications focusing on the most significant tasks.

Pulse offers several advantages, including tracking essential metrics, from installations to user ratios and ad spending, enabling marketers to optimize their budgets and campaign performance more effectively. The solution also offers customizable notification preferences via Slack or email, and users can optimize alerts in advance using previous data through internal previews. Furthermore, Pulse provides a more comprehensive reporting system by promptly creating alerts for various applications.

Başak Zerman, Adjust’s Sales Director for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, expressed that marketers face significant challenges in managing the high volume of data and notifications they receive while monitoring multiple campaigns simultaneously. Pulse offers a user-friendly and automated solution that allows marketers to prioritize important updates and enhance productivity using fewer resources.

Zerman also emphasized that Pulse is the latest addition to Adjust’s intuitive and customer-centric product line. Pulse offers marketers an efficient and independent solution that they have been looking for, facilitating accurate notifications to manage their budget and optimize their campaigns.

Adjust previously launched Datascape in 2022, an advanced analytics solution that provides app marketers with reporting, visualization, and analysis tools from all data sources. Adjust will continue to offer innovative solutions throughout 2023 to assist marketers in measuring, optimizing, and scaling their app growth.

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