Admix hires key name to increase the power of In-Play ads

Marty Berman, a veteran of the advertising industry joined Admix.
admix in-play ads
Admix announced that it has hired Marty Berman.

Admix, the leading platform that combines games with ads, announced that it has hired Marty Berman, a veteran, and successful name in the advertising industry, as Vice President of Sales for North America and LATAM.

Admix’s plans for its 2021 growth strategy continue with the hiring of Berman. The hiring of Marty Berman will also lead to new hires covering the third and fourth quarters of 2021. In addition, Berman will work closely with Michael Silberberg, Admix’s Vice President of Global Partnerships based in New York.

Marty Berman
Marty Berman

Berman joined the Admix team with 20 years of industry experience holding senior leadership roles at global organizations such as InMobi, Integrate Marketing, NBC Internet, Triad and Monster.

The gaming industry is at a tipping point after the shift in consumer habits accelerated by COVID-19, which has fueled gaming’s mainstream cultural awareness and growth at incredible rates. Consumers are now spending more time playing games than on social media, and given the intrusiveness of many gaming ad formats, it creates both an opportunity and a challenge for brands to reach three billion active gamers worldwide. That’s why Admix’s In-Play ad technology has been designed from the ground up to add demanding creatives to any 3D environment, for consumers and industry benefit.

“I’m excited to join the Admix at a time when mobile games are competing with social media”

Marty Berman once again underlined that, as Admix’s new Vice President of Sales for North America and LATAM, we are going through a period where games compete with social media. This race points to both easy and difficult competition for developers and publishers in the game industry. Marty Berman made the following statements on the subject:

“I’m excited to join Admix at a time where mobile games compete with social media as a pastime. Major brands have not yet been able to leverage this tremendous scale in a meaningful way, with gaming audiences historically only available for advertisers to reach via manual activations. As demand increases exponentially to buy gaming inventory programmatically, Admix is in the lead position to deliver a solution to the Northern America and LATAM markets that solve the major barriers of scale to reach this elusive audience. Reaching the gaming audience via In-Play media will continue to grow rapidly given its non-intrusive nature and the ability to automate the process programmatically, properly target, measure and prove ROI.”

Admix CEO Samuel Huber made the following comments after hiring new Marty Berman:

“Admix aims to provide the education and infrastructure to monetize gaming content non-intrusively via In-Play. As consumers increasingly socialize, play and shop in virtual worlds, there are unlimited opportunities for brands and publishers in this fast-growing metaverse. With an incredible depth and variety of innovative, world-class brands, agencies and games publishers, North America and LATAM are at the forefront of the gaming media channel. Marty is a critical hire who will help Admix communicate the significant benefits of In-Play advertising, and he will also be instrumental in building our boots on-the-ground team across the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest.”

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