AudioMob partners with Amazon Web Services to innovate mobile game monetisation

Aiming for developers to make minimal losses from their advertisements in mobile games, AudioMob raises the bar with Amazon Web Services.
AudioMob Amazon Web Services
How AudioMob is changing monetization of mobile games through AWS

AudioMob has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring a brand new audio ad-driven Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to mobile game developers, studios and publishers. This partnership is planned to introduce new and solution-oriented projects, as existing DSPs cannot serve audio ads in-game.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful tool that helps AudioMob fulfill its vision for in-game audio ads as a better option for gamers, advertisers and game developers.

This partnership comes soon after AudioMob has completed its $14 million Series A funding round and has worked with Grammy-winning artists like Nas.

Beginning of the partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Video ads in mobile games made a lot of money for developers and publishers, but the biggest problem here was that some customers were annoyed by the ads. These ads not only disturb the players, but they can also completely alienate the players from the game. This can be incredibly frustrating for game developers who spend time and craft creating the games they want, both creatively and commercially.

Why is there a need for a new platform?

The answer is simple. Existing demand-side platforms (DSP) cannot serve audio ads in-game. The AudioMob platform allows advertisers to serve in-game audio ads with banners while users play their games. In this context, players are given options to navigate to a landing page or other app if they feel interested in the ad.

Why Amazon Web Services?

The AudioMob team explains why they prefer Amazon Web Services (AWS) while there are many content distribution networks and web services:

“What we did was unique, so we needed to create a unique project and it was in line with our AWS vision and goal. It hosts everything from our user interface to provide a Content Delivery Network (CDN). AWS allows AudioMob to deliver audio content worldwide in milliseconds.”

Meeting AudioMob privacy requirements with AWS

“When it comes to digital advertising, you will undoubtedly come across privacy debates taking place around the world. We believe that audio advertising makes it possible to respect our users’ privacy while making it possible to play the games and apps we love for free.

We deliberately created ad technology that puts context at its core and prioritizes privacy. This approach allows for the ‘best of both worlds’, allowing ads to find relevant audiences without using personal data.

However, ad campaigns inevitably consume large amounts of data. This includes data about the success of a campaign, as well as aggregated contextual data held for 90 days or longer. This means we have data to keep safe beyond the data that is processed and stored so that it can be analyzed for insight.

AWS infrastructure complies with our privacy stance and has achieved numerous internationally recognized certifications and accreditations. It has proven compliance with strict international standards such as ISO 27017 for cloud security, ISO 27701 for privacy information management, and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy.”

Satisfying advertiser demand with EC2

When artists or brands want to launch a campaign through the AudioMob Ad Platform, they upload an “mp3” file and a header image that is instantly compressed via internal code hosted on AWS. By compressing larger file assets to an average of 35 KB, AudioMob can then distribute these ads to countries with slower mobile data connection speeds without worrying about latency. This eliminates rendering and content loading issues.

Advertising through CloudFront

More than 2.8 billion mobile gamers spend an average of 26 minutes a day playing games. This gives AudioMob a unique opportunity to quickly serve audio ads to nearly 40,000 games. Based on last quarter’s data, this allows for an average daily impression rate of 372,908, resulting in a 1,000% increase in clickthrough rate compared to traditional banner ads. AudioMob explains this issue as follows:

“Through our Ad Platform, we enable advertisers to reach users by age, gender, location, language, mobile device and mobile operator. Here’s how the process works: Ad slots in games are filled in a fraction of a second as multiple advertisers bid for the opportunity to connect with a player.”

As a result, AWS provided AudioMob with back-end tools and services that greatly aided the performance of the ad format they created. Having achieved rapid growth thanks to AWS, AudioMob has managed to remain flexible and scalable. AudioMob Co-Founder and CTO Wilfrid Obeng gave the following words in his speech:

“The team here at AudioMob are extremely proud of everything we built ourselves, from the in-game audio ad concept to executing and expanding our company. We did those things ourselves – but AWS has facilitated our progress in myriad ways, and ultimately been a tremendous help in letting us deliver on our vision of in-game audio ads as a more user friendly and seamless advertising experience.”

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