Bandai Namco joins forces with ILCA to establish Bandai Namco Aces

Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has joined forces with ILCA Inc. to form a new company called Bandai Namco Aces. The HQ is in Tokyo, Japan.
A war plane flies behind the logos of Bandai Namco and Ilca
The two companies will share their industry know-how to create content.

The Japanese video game publisher Bandai Namco and Japanese developer ILCA are creating a new company called Bandai Namco Aces to develop high-end photorealistic video game content.

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The new company will be based in Tokyo —no big surprises here since both companies have their HQs in Tokyo— and the two video game giants will combine their industry know-how to create “deep and lasting, high-quality content” for their fans across the world. The press release from Bandai Namco specifically mentions Ace Combat series, but one can guess the new video games company will cover more grounds.

The multinational publisher stands out with Tekken and Ace Combat series, but you may have heard their name thrown around with their latest publishing hit, Elden Ring. The company also has a mobile games division, but it’s not as active as PC and consoles. Bandai Namco also stands out with its work in bringing anime/manga titles to the video games medium.

Bandai Namco Aces will focus on developing and operating PC and console video games, and network content. ILCA’s CEO Takuya Iwasaki will be the president and CEO of the newly formed company, meanwhile, Kazutoki Kono will represent Bandai Namco side as the vice president.

The majority of the investment in this new company belongs to Bandai Namco with 51%, and ILCA takes the other 49% part. The capital invested in the newly formed games company is 10 million yen (nearly $74 million).

You can read the press release here, but it’s a short piece and doesn’t mention anything new that we didn’t.

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