Binge will launch as a live streaming platform in 2022


Binge will be launched in 2022 as a live streaming platform that will offer top-notch entertainment for gamers.

At this week’s online Electronic Entertainment Show (E3), Binge announced plans to build a video content platform with original series and television shows inspired by the most popular video games and content creators. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has approximately 60 employees.

Binge was literally created for the gaming universe


Binge will be free to use on any internet-connected device when it launches in 2022. It plans to focus on high-quality, world-class entertainment content for gamers, and to do so in a way that respects gamers and inspiring games. More often than not, mainstream media makes fun of games or those who play them, and gamers have largely stopped watching such media that does not focus on games in a unique way.

Cody Hackman, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Binge, said: “Binge is a brand new and immersive live streaming platform. The platform was literally created for the gaming universe. We have special shows, premium channels, and original live-action dramas.”

Founded by a team of experienced content production members united by a passion for gaming, Binge said it will bring a collaborative and fan-centric approach to content. Retro has signed partnerships and development deals with popular content creators, game publishers, and studios to produce world-class original series in indie and blockbuster games. From cult classics to the biggest hits, Binge said it will provide a world-class platform for every story.

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