Bit Hotel rooms are up for sale on the metaverse

Land sales are starting in the Bit Hotel metaverse. Transactions will be executed in BUSD or BTH.
The penthouses at the Metaverse hotel are quite prestigious.

Bit Hotel is an NFT powered game where players can buy, collect and trade NFT items. At Bit Hotel, players and collectors can purchase rooms within the metaverse to showcase their NFT collections.

In this virtual hotel, players will become neighbors by establishing social relations with the owners of other rooms. The unique structure of each room in Bit Hotel will provide variety, and especially the penthouses will be surprisingly prestigious. Various events and parties can also be held in the metaverse, where players can own their own properties.

One of the playable rooms in the Bit Hotel

The rooms in this hotel are on sale on January 19th. Bit Hotel metaverse land sale and studio apartments will be sold with 200 – 23,000 Binance USD prices.

Events at the hotel will include content such as NFT trading events, mini-games, and systems where players can compete (fight) with each other for various prizes. Thanks to the unique characters in the Metaverse, each player will have a unique avatar.

The currencies used in the Bit Hotel metaverse are specified as BTH (Bit Hotel) and BHOTEL. BHOTEL, one of these currencies, can be earned from various activities in the game. This coin will also have a feature of an NFT.

Those who want to buy a room on the Bit Hotel metaverse need to have either Binance USD (BUSD) or BTH. These cryptocurrencies can be traded directly on cryptocurrency markets.

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