Bungie’s Destiny 2 may get a mobile version

And it wouldn’t surprise anyone if it actually did.
A guardian from Destiny 2 stands tall with a space ship behind them

The American video game company Bungie filed patents for touchscreen controls for mobile devices back in March 2022 which surfaced last week. Considering how Bungie was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and the Japanese giant aims to bring its heavy hitters to the mobile market, seeing Destiny 2 on mobile devices wouldn’t be a long stretch.

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However, these patents could also mean Bungie is planning to bring the game (or any other future projects) to handheld gaming devices like Steam Deck or Logitech’s new cloud-powered handheld console set to arrive this October.

The video game company filed six patents, and while there’s much to speculate on, many key details are lacking, as is expected given these are just patents for how players interact with game worlds via their in-game avatars.

Fans of the series should take the news of a Destiny mobile game with a grain of salt, though, as nothing concrete was announced by Bungie itself. Game and tech companies regularly patent tons of ideas and mechanics, only to never use them again or find them not good enough for their projects for one reason or another.

Sony has been investing in the mobile games space for some considerable time now and seeing a mobile version of Destiny would suit their new portfolio diversifying approach. The console maker is going big in the PC gaming space as well, launching its exclusive titles on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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