Call of Duty: Mobile exceeds 300 million downloads and nets Activision $1 billion

Daily download and revenue numbers are still going strong for the mobile FPS game.
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Call of Duty: Mobile has exceeded the 300 million download milestone and has brought in over $1 billion for Activision. According to recent reports, the fan favorite is still in tip-top shape when it comes to daily download rates and revenue per day. The game has made over $1 billion in 2021 regarding money spent by users.

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The game was first launched in October 2019 and has been downloaded millions of times in the first days. In the last month, Call of Duty: Mobile had a comfortable 136.000 daily downloads and brought in $859.000 to Activision daily.

The weekly earnings sum up to $5.8 million, and the monthly revenue is $25.8 million. These numbers are calculated without the 30% cut that Google Play Store and App Store get from every game. Activision also has to share some of the earnings with co-developer Tencent.

Call of Duty: Mobile had a stellar reception with 9.8 million downloads in just 24 hours after its launch. After the first 24 hours, on the second day, the game reached its maximum level of downloads, with 10.5 million users trying to get their hands on the new FPS game.

The game’s revenue varies between weekdays and weekends, as players tend to spend more money on the latter. The season seven launch saw a record-breaking $2.2 million revenue on June 13, 2020.

Google Play Store surpasses the App Store in downloads by 7 million, but revenue firmly belongs to iOS, with $606 million versus $424 million. The top five countries regarding download count are the US (78 million), Brazil (28 million), India (26 million), Mexico (24 million), and Russia (18 million).

In-app purchase revenue ratings are slightly different, although the US still tops the charts with $554 million. Japan follows up with $138 million, and then the numbers drop to two digits with Germany ($32 million), Brazil ($30 million), and the UK ($27 million).

The report came from the sourced Appmagic and gives detailed information about the former and current situation of the much loved mobile FPS game.

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