CAPCOM partners with Google Cloud for reliable global live service game launches

Google Cloud has unveiled a new collaboration with CAPCOM to utilize Google Cloud’s secure and scalable infrastructure for fast and robust worldwide launches of CAPCOM’s games.
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The significance of a live service game’s long-term success often hinges on the success of its initial launch. CAPCOM, in association with Google Cloud, aims to address concerns related to network issues that might hinder player access. Leveraging Google Cloud’s capabilities, CAPCOM will manage live game workloads globally while ensuring consistent and dependable gameplay across various regions.

The collaborative efforts of the two companies have already yielded positive outcomes, exemplified by the launch of Street Fighter 6, the latest addition to CAPCOM’s celebrated Street Fighter series. Since its debut earlier this year, Street Fighter 6 has garnered sales exceeding two million units worldwide.

Shinichi Inoue, Vice President, Engineering, CAPCOM said:

“With Street Fighter 6, CAPCOM is taking a revolutionary new look at fighting games that entertain new and returning players alike. It was critical that the launch of the latest title in the acclaimed Street Fighter series made a flawless first impression. Working with Google Cloud ensured a seamless, scalable, and secure launch that enabled us to host over a hundred thousand players at once.”

This achievement is partially attributed to the deployment of Google’s secure network and the auto-scaling functionalities of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Cloud Spanner. These tools contribute to the seamless availability of online and multiplayer features like the game’s Battle Lounge and Custom Rooms. Notably, GKE’s proficiency in handling large-scale live game computing ensures players can promptly connect to nearby servers, regardless of their geographic locations.

Jack Buser, the Director of Games at Google Cloud, highlighted the company’s dedication to backing game developers globally. He emphasized that Google Cloud’s focus is on ensuring a game’s success is driven by the quality of gameplay rather than just the strength of its infrastructure. Buser stated that leveraging Google’s capabilities aligns with CAPCOM’s goal of crafting memorable gaming experiences that resonate with players across generations.

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