CGC XII – Blockchain Games Conference on November 17-18

“Gaming will be the Holy Grail to onboard hundreds of millions of users to the Web3 space.”
CGC's twelth edition, logo and art showing the launch date of the event

CGC is a global event series dedicated to cutting-edge blockchain games, Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. The two-day digital conference will happen on November 17 and 18, gathering thousands of attendees from over a hundred countries.

This event will feature industry experts and influencers; videos and live streams; show new games and developments and more. You can explore the digital expo filled with a variety of booths and activities as well.

CGC XII attends to bring everyone together who is interested in games, entertainment, cutting-edge technologies, and fusion thereof. Obviously, it has gaming at its core and takes it as the Holy Grail to onboard hundreds of millions of users to the Web3 space.

At this event, you get to first-hand learn from industry professionals about developing, marketing, and launching your product. You’ll also get a chance to explore the digital venue to meet and network with founders and executives of major companies shaping the modern gaming landscape.

The event will feature a conference with in-demand experts who’ll share their wisdom, expertise, and experiences. It also has a show floor for gamers and blockchain game makers. Simply put, it will be the place to be for networking if you’re into Web3 gaming.

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