New mobile publisher ChargeUp Games enters the industry!

ChargeUp Games

The mobile games industry is one of the biggest portions of the games industry as a whole. According to Newzoo, mobile games revenue will reach $77.2 billion this year. Today we will welcome ChargeUp Games, a new mobile publisher that entered the scene. Mobile Game Partners and Digital Development Management have joined forces to provide mobile publishing services under ChargeUp Games. Furthermore, the new publishing company will “bypass the exploitive business practices common from many mobile publishers today”.

ChargeUp Games: developers deserve better

The newly established company will be different than other mobile publishers. On their official website, the team said that “developers deserve better”. That’s why they will give fairer publishing to benefit everyone, the developer, publisher, and game. Also, ChargeUp Games prefers quality over quantity because “publishers can typically add value to only a certain number of games because there are bottlenecks throughout the process”. Furthermore, the average member of the new publishing team has over 15 years of experience in the games industry. Some of them worked on many hit titles like Kingdoms of Camelot, Marvel: Content of Champions, and Deer Hunter.

ChargeUp Games logo
ChargeUp Games logo

The MGP team are mobile business experts known for their focus on integrity and with a stellar track record of success. DDM’s mission as an agency for the video game industry is to bring more opportunity to game creators to support, distribute, and publish great games.

What does the team aim to?

ChargeUp Games founders are Kevin Flynn and Adam Flanders. In an interview with VentureBeat, Flynn said the following:

We’ve been waiting for the mobile publishing model to evolve with the rest of the industry. But the inequality got worse. Ninety-five percent of game revenues are going to 1% of publishers. The charts don’t change, and you can keep spending to keep your game at the top. Our goal is to make this more equitable.

From all of us at Mobidictum, congratulations to everyone at ChargeUp Games!

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