ChargeUp Games Interview: The challenges, the approach, and more!

ChargeUp Games

Almost a month ago, ChargeUp Games entered the industry as a new mobile game publisher. The newly established company aims to make a difference in the mobile game industry. The team thinks that developers deserve better, therefore, they want to make a difference. We reached out to ChargeUp Games founders, Kevin Flynn and Adam Flanders to know more about the new company. Without further due, let’s jump into the interview

Establishing a new publishing firm isn’t easy

We asked Flanders to tell us about the challenges of creating a new publisher in this busy industry. He said the following:

One of the more challenging aspects of creating a new publisher is convincing developers that you are truly going to do something different than what is available in the marketplace. Developers are skittish about signing with publishers. Because there are many stories and experiences where it didn’t work out well for the developer. When Kevin and I launched Mobile Game Partners back in 2014, our entire mission was to help small to mid-size developers and give them the same opportunities that some of the larger developers had. We achieved what we set out to do and now want to extend that to the publishing model.

ChargeUp Games
ChargeUp Games founders.

“Developers deserve better”, that’s what ChargeUp Games think, right? How will you approach this and do you think it will affect the industry?

Far too many times, we’ve had developers come to us and tell us that they were unhappy with the current publishing options in the market. They want more options, more flexibility on terms, and more transparency. A lot of times, a publisher will quickly test a game and forget about it if it’s not an immediate success. With ChargeUp, we are committed to being the publisher that provides 100% transparency into what is going on and work very closely with each developer to build mutual success. We want to find great teams that we can build long-term, mutually-beneficial working relationships with. We hope our model can change the industry for the better and remove some of the developer angst when it comes to working with publishers.

What makes ChargeUp Games unique compared to other publishers?

That’s what we asked Flanders, we also asked what are they are planning to achieve. His answer was:

We want to give developers another potential option in terms of publishing. One that is very different from the current options available in the market. One that is more flexible with terms that are based on need vs. “take-it-or-leave-it” terms without considering what the developer’s strengths and weaknesses are and what the best model is for each one. We’ve had developers approach us that only wanted User Acquisition services and others that had UA covered but needed help in other areas like improving their retention & LTV. We will work to find and craft the most mutually beneficial deal based on those needs. We plan on working very closely with each developer that we sign and are committed to keep the number of games that we sign very low so we can achieve this.

If you are wondering (like us) about when we are hearing about their project, the answer is “hopefully very soon”. The team has “a lot of conversations going on right now and evaluating quite a few products”. Keep your eyes on Mobidictum for future coverage about ChargeUp Games.

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