Consumer Acquisition giving free access to its platform!

Consumer Acquisition

Consumer Acquisition, which provides fully-managed user acquisition and SaaS tools for social advertisers announced that it’s giving free access. Due to the outbreak, most of the companies worldwide started working remotely. This might have resulted in inefficiencies in the way ad campaign managers can optimize Facebook and Google ads and perform creative research. That’s why the company announced today that it’s offering full access to creative research and Ad Management Software.

Consumer Acquisition wants to make working from home easier

In a press release, the company said that it plans to make working from home easier. Starting today, advertisers will get full access to its AdRules creative research and competitive benchmarks. Furthermore, all new advertisers have full access to its full AdRules platform to automate and streamline Facebook and Google media buying. What is AdRules? It’s a self-service platform that uses workflow automation to help creative teams discover new ideas faster. That’s not all though. It helps campaign managers to build ads quicker while improving reporting capabilities over Google and Facebook’s native tools.

Consumer AcquisitionAs the picture reads, you will be able to get full access to Consumer Acquisition until July 31. There are many different features available, here are some:

  • See Over 500,000 Videos From Facebook and Google App Advertisers
  • Build Your Own Competitor List, See Their Video Ads And Sort Creatives By Impression & Network
  • See How KPIs Compare To Competitors: CPC, CPI, CTR, CPM, ROAS, Bidding Strategies, Audience & Country Targeting, Creative And More
  • Full Bidding Capabilities: App Event Optimization, Value And Min ROAS
  • View Unified KPIs In One Dashboard, Facebook, Instagram, Google, MMPs And First-Party BI Data
  • MMPs We Support: Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular and Tenjin

“AdRules makes it easy”

Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition said the following in the press release:

AdRules makes it easy for advertisers to discover creative trends and quickly launch new ads to keep creative concepts flowing. By lifting barriers and making AdRules free through July*, we believe we’re doing our part to make the work from home experience both a little easier and more productive.

Finally, if you are interested, you can get free access and learn more by clicking here.

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