How does CrazyLabs’ trend report benefit game developers?

Game developers can unlock success with CrazyLabs’ trend report. Backed by data and analysis, it reveals leading mechanics, subgenres, themes, and social media trends and provides inspiration for developers.
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CrazyLabs’ market-leading trend report uncovers valuable market insights monthly, providing game developers with inspiration on a silver platter that can potentially increase the chances of releasing a successful game.  

The report features the leading mechanics, subgenres, themes, and monthly social media trends, all backed by rigorous data and analysis. Furthermore, the data is supplemented with real-life examples that can help successfully generate ideas. By following trends and innovating around them, developers have a higher chance of success. Below, the key sections of CrazyLabs’ trend report are elaborated.

Games tested with all publishers in a given month

This section covers prototypes tested in a given month by all publishers and analyzes trending mechanics, themes, camera views, etc. Moreover, CrazyLabs’ trend report showcases games in the top charts and highlights prototypes per subgenre with the highest likelihood of success. 

For instance, in the chart below, the clicker subgenre is the leading genre prototyped, yet the percentage of clicker subgenres in the top chart is low. Interestingly, while runner games dominate as the leading genre in the top charts, they are just one of the four leading subgenres that have been prototyped.

The report showcases leading trends and is backed by industry insights provided by CrazyLabs’ publishing experts. For instance, as the chart above demonstrates, runners are currently the dominant genre in the top charts. In addition, Simulation is the 2nd top subgenre; however, the number of simulation prototypes is low compared to runners, giving studios an excellent opportunity to leverage the Simulation subgenre.

CrazyLabs’ trend report also features examples of new games (broken down by subgenre) from the top charts and analyzes them – providing studios with valuable insights that can potentially be utilized in their next prototypes, as illustrated below.

Social media analysis

This section includes the leading social media trends, videos, hashtags, and tips gathered from TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to assist in gamifying social trends. For instance, drawing and coloring themes were trending in Drawing Carnival, as indicated by CrazyLabs’ trend report. This prompted the studio to search for a coloring social media trend to gamify. 

Top chart games

The report features the top 20 chart hyper-casual games regarding worldwide rankings and the new hyper-casual US ranks. This information is beneficial as it displays the new games entering the top charts, providing a clear view of the new games’ starting scale. 

Become A CLIK Dashboard Member 

To access CrazyLabs’ Trend Report, you need to become a CLIK Dashboard member. CrazyLabs CLIK Dashboard is an exceptionally comprehensive platform that offers developers complete transparency. By utilizing the Dashboard, developers gain access to real-time updates on marketability tests, revenue breakdowns, creative performance, and numerous other valuable insights.

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