CWA urges SEC to investigate Activision Blizzard

The disagreement between Activision Blizzard and CWA could result in an investigation.
Problems don’t end in Activision.

Recently, Raven Software employees of Activision came together with the support of the CWA (Communication Workers of America) union. Raven Software asked Activision Blizzard to keep its promises.

This event has now taken on a new dimension. The CWA has asked the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) to investigate Activision Blizzard’s statements. Raven Software employees went on strike for nearly six weeks during the claim process. On the other hand, Activision stated that it was not aware of such a strike or business interruption.

However, the company allegedly previously sent an email to its employees telling them not to sign union cards. The uncertainties that arose at this point prompted the CWA to take action, and the union called for these contradictory statements to be investigated.

Activision Blizzard was previously sued for “sexual harassment. ” When Raven Software, the explanations about the union and new problems are added to this, one wonders what will be the final state of Activision Blizzard. Even though the company was recently acquired by Microsoft, the problems have yet to come.

Shane Larson, CWA’s senior director of government affairs and policy, said:

“Activision makes a series of statements in its Agreement and Plan of Merger that are clearly contradicted by available evidence, and others that omit key information, thus rendering them misleading. We urge the SEC to investigate this claim and take appropriate action to remediate the situation and ensure that readers of Activision’s filings have accurate disclosures available as they consider the proposed merger with Microsoft.”

For Activision in September 2021, the SEC had already launched an investigation. How these new claims and demands will be evaluated by the SEC and what it will mean for Activision has been a matter of curiosity.

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