CZN Burak in Fortnite!

CZN Burak’s unique emoji came to Fortnite as part of the Ramadan Festival.
Epic Games Ramadan Festival
Epic Games organized events under the name of the Ramadan Festival.

CZN Burak, the world-famous Turkish chef and social media phenomenon, who came to the fore with the game CZN Burak – The Game a while ago, has now become a Fortnite character. Epic Games added the expression that CZN Burak cooks without taking his eyes off the camera to the store of the famous battle royale game Fortnite.

The emote added to the game at the end of April was announced on Epic Games’ social media accounts as follows:

The CZN Burak emote arrived in Fortnite.

“Hope you saved room for the @CZNBurak treat. Grab the How Sweet! Emote from the Item Shop now!”

Epic Games added the emote of CZN Burak to the game as part of the Ramadan Festival event. Fortnite’s player base includes people from many different cultures. For this reason, Epic Games celebrates the holidays and special days of different cultures with various events.

The Epic Games Ramadan Festival started on April 2 and continued throughout April. Within the festival’s scope, “Ramadan Photography” and “Ramadan Struggles” competitions were held. Contest results are available on Epic Games.

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