Devs release unfinished game clips to support Rockstar after GTA 6 leaks

Remedy, Bioware, Naughty Dog, and others step up to show how unappealing the early development process can be.
GTA V's Lester Crest sitting in front of a PC, hacking an agency

Rockstar received support from a number of developers after a hacker’s attempt to infiltrate and leak GTA 6 footage was successful. Videos from the unfinished game leaked online, and some users in the Twitter world were not satisfied with the graphics even though the game is still “under construction.” Rockstar has since stated that the leaks won’t slow the development of GTA 6.

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One tweet, in particular, was bombarded with replies by the devs. User @Design4Mind317 stated that graphics and visuals are the first things to be completed during a game’s development. According to the user, the GTA 6 leaks show a complete version of the game’s graphics as he stated, “What you see is almost exactly what you will get.”

Big names in game development, such as Remedy, Bioware, and Naughty Dog, among others, replied to the tweet with early development videos of their already launched titles. Paul Ehreth, the Lead Designer behind the multiple award-winning Remedy game Control, shared a video of the game in early development, clearly showing that the end product is nothing like what developers see midway.

Ehreth also shared his thoughts about the whole situation with an optimistic approach:

“The best thing to come from all this silliness is the awareness that every game, no matter how good it ends up, starts as a fragment of broken junk. It’s all the years of hard work from the team, building and refining it, that makes it great.”

Naughty Dog shared some early footage of The Last of Us as well, stating that every game goes through this process before it’s completed.

Producer Mark Darrah also chimed in, tweeting that Commander Shepard didn’t have a head for two years during the development of Mass Effect 3. The tweet obviously didn’t age well, but it caused a pleasant moment of solidarity between game developers.

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